Manga VS Anime



Manga VS Anime

Bleach is a newish Anime series that stars Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student, who among many talents can see dead people. In this tale of kung-fu trained rebels, steeped in Japanese tradition, Ichigo encounters a young girl who turns out to be a soul eater, of whom he inadvertently drains of all her powers, before they pair up to save the innocent. This highly rated, off color show holds the attention of a vast and growing population of young western viewers. Many young teen and pre-teen Americans have turned the channel from Superman, Batman, and even Spiderman to tune into Manga-origin shows like Bleach, and Noblesse. Although these shows are now appearing all over the TV screen as Anime Series, their origins are a bit more humble. Most of the newer Anime shows started out as Manga, a Japanese medium of black and white sketched, comic book like stories. Manga has a very diverse following even in its land of origin, both young and old tend to get hooked on these, thrilling, sometimes dark fictional stories.

Manga Mania

There are thousands of manga series and or stories that have flooded the market in the last ten years. These include but are in no way limited to nearly every scenario from supernatural to superhero and police stories to likable master villains. The refreshing nature of the manga is that not only can you find any type of stories you are looking for most are written for a younger fresher audience with controversial subject matter and graphic, uncensored detail. Most manga series deal with issues such as sex, drugs, even mental illness with a surprisingly blase attitude, or perhaps the fact that these topics are often the primary focus of cartoons. No matter the bad press or the seemingly dark subject matter, manga still continues to rise in popularity and fame.